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The table contains Nordic Championship results from 1988 to 2014.

This is a rough draft of the Nordic Championship Records. The reasons for this is that our available documentation on the shooting scores obtained at the different championships are far from complete. We copied a record list from the Swedish web site in 2007 and one from the Danish web site in 2015. This record list is the result of lots of copying, sorting and pasting and we expect the presence of a few errors. Therefore, we need your help to improve this list of Championship records. If you find any problems with the list and/or if you have more comprehensive documentation, please contact Ståle Helland (+47 920 24 645 or

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Event nr.
Original / Replica
1MiqueletO100Johan KarlssonSweden1999
1MiqueletR96Johan KarlssonSweden1990
2MaximillianO91Johan KarlssonSweden2007
2MaximillianR93Per ØstbyNorway2004
3MinieO91Rolf KarlssonSweden1991
3MinieR95Johan KarlssonSweden1995
4WhitworthO94Ragnar HeggeNorway1988
4WhitworthR99Johan KarlssonSweden2001
5CominazzoO74Lars NilssonSweden2011
5CominazzoR94Are FosjordNorway2002
5CominazzoR94Veikko RatsulaFinland2006
5CominazzoR94Tarmo AnsamaaFinland2011
6KuchenreuterO95Sam SkogSweden2007
6KuchenreuterR100Christer BjørnbergSweden2007
7ColtO96Kenneth NilssonSweden2000
8WalkyrieONo results
8WalkyrieR96Marie BrunssonSweden1993
12MarietteR99Michael AnderssonSweden1998
14TanegashimaO97Johan KarlssonSweden2009
14TanegashimaR97Viertola SakariFinland2004
15VetterliO100Johan KarlssonSweden2006
15VetterliR100Robert WikstedtSweden1997
16HizadaiO100Johan KarlssonSweden2014
16HizadaiR96Antero MustamäkiFinland2004
21MantonO/R20Rauno KiviläFinland2003
22LorenzoniO/R23Per ZachrissonSweden1997
22LorenzoniO/R23Johnny CarlssonSweden2012
23Donald MalsonO85Niklas JohanssonSweden2011
23Donald MalsonR86Juha HautamäkiFinland2013
28TanzutsuONo results
28TanzutsuR88Antero MustamäkiFinland2004
36PennsylvaniaO80Tor Bjarne JustnæsNorway2011
36PennsylvaniaR97Johan KarlssonSweden2012
37LamarmoraO97Øyvind FlatnesNorway2009
37LamarmoraR98Johan KarlssonSweden2011
38Remington (revolver)ONo results
38Remington (revolver)R175Tamo AnasamaaFinland2010
90Remington RifleO97Oddvar DeberitzNorway2012
91Remington Match 91R100Åke SamuelssonSweden1996
91Remington Match 91R100Johan KarlssonSweden2014
93Smith & WessonO/R98Roger CarlssonSweden2006