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Welcome to the “Norwegian – Nordic Championship Web page”.

We are using English on this page because this language was chosen in 2009 as the official language for the MLASC, and we hope that some of our Nordic friends will visit this page. We have to stress that this is not an official MLASC page, but unofficial under the editorial control of the Norwegian Black Powder Union (NSU).
The main aim of this page is to ease the distribution of the Constitution, shooting rules and regulations for the MLASC Championships to you. This document is based on the MLAIC regulations and the adjustments made at the yearly Nordic Coordination Meetings (CM). The present version of the MLASC Constitution, Rules and Regulations (MLASC. ver. 1.5. 2014. NO) is based on the last version that was accepted by all four countries (version 1.3, MLASC. ver. 1.3. 2012), and the minutes from the CM’s of 2013 (2013. Report from the Nordic CM at Åsheim (1)) and 2014 (2014. Accepted report from the Nordic CM in Denmark (2)).
Based on Results from Nordic Championships, we have made a list of individual records achieved in the Nordic Championships: A rough draft of the Nordic Championship Records (Draft of Nordic Records. February 17. 2015). This list is the result of lots of copying, sorting and pasting and we expect some errors. Therefore, we need your help to improve this list of championship records. If you find any problems with the list and/or if you have more comprehensive documentation, please contact Ove Bø (+47 920 24 645 or

Nordic Championship results from 1988 to 2014.