Nordisk Mesterskap 2020

Dear all,

as you all know we are still living extremely unstable times due the corona pandemia. In these circumstandies we have decided to cancell the NC-2020 in muzzleloading.😢
Actually we have decided to postponed Nordic Championships to 23-25.7.2021!😀 We do our best here in Finland to make the 2021 «double championships» great again! (Uups, who is writing?)
Mean while please have a look to TargetScan – Pistol&Rifle Scan. Probably we could use this program to run in August 2020 a «home Nordic Championships».
Best regards
Ystävällisin terveisin
Veli-Pekka Karvinen

[email protected]

Nordisk Mesterskap 2018 ble avholdt på Musse Skydescenter, Danmark, 20. – 22. juli.

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Nordisk Mesterskap 2017 ble avholdt på Korsfløyta skytebane 21. til 23 juli.

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Nordisk Mesterskap for 2016 ble avholdt i Orivesi, Finland den 22. – 24. juli, 2016

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Nordisk Mesterskap for 2015 ble avholdt hos våre svenske venner i Forsa 24-26. juli.

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